Erm — A chair made from used puffy coats.

Damaged and non-repairable coats and parkas are given new life as a progressive and unique product line in the form of chairs. Erm (Icelandic for “sleeve”) aims to creatively transfer an object’s intended purpose between categories; from a wearable clothing item to household furniture.The sleeves are stitched together forming a long cylinder that covers a single-piece bent. Each chair has a unique look depending on the coats used to make it.

With ERM the designers Arnar Ingi and Valdís Steinarsdóttir explore how the life cycle of a product can be extended by jumping from its original role. The project is an examination of how product categorizing can be used as a starting point instead of a restriction when designing innovative solutions for discarded products. The project is in collaboration with 66°North and dressmaker-student Nína Guðrún Guðlaugsdóttir.